August 27, 2008

Amusement for the day

A coworker just asked me for help with her cellphone. I don't own one, and rarely use phones. She knows that. And still asked for help.

(Yes, I fixed it.)


August 26, 2008

I can't believe...

-That Summer is almost over
-That the year's half gone
-That Apollo is almost F-I-V-E! He's almost middle-aged
-That I'm 25 again.
-That I'm still in DC
-That the job market sucks
-That the President still has his job (only 5 more months to go)
-That KR is getting married in less than 2 weeks
-That I got my period a couple days early - no period during wedding, hurrah
-That I'm the last single chick in this circle of friends
-That I'm still not seeing benefits of moving to a cheaper place (stupid car insurance) - there's September though
-That I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
-That I still haven't decided how to leave my mark on the world so that in 500 years someone remembers me. Making a cosmic dildo for astrologers to discover is funny but unrealistic.
-That I haven't written one word in my book in the past 3 months
-That I'm thinking about starting another one instead
-That when I was 15, I thought being single and unmarried at 25 would be awful
-That I didn't eat my first pizza voluntarily until I was 13
-That I didn't have a cheeseburger until College
-That I actually walked out of a salon with a haircut that I liked
-And paid $110 for it (tip included)


August 25, 2008

Apollo again

Apollo loves plastic bottles. It's his other fetish. 'Scuse the mess in the background. It was laundry/cleaning day Sunday.

"Don't touch the bottle!"


August 24, 2008

Sunday Apollo

Apollo had a bath today, so I decided to take a picture of him all pretty. This lasted about 2 minutes...It's a little hot today and if you look, you can see that Apollo's ears are pinned in the first picture. He's not happy about having to sit in the sun.Then I thought we'd move over to the front lawn and instead of sitting pretty, he decided he wanted his roll!
After he got his kinks out of his system, he was more cooperative.

My boy.


August 21, 2008


I am guilty of groping my boobs at work. No, guys, that's not as exciting as it sounds like. People tend to shed hair, and my strays seem to find their way under my shirts fairly often. On a busy day, I'm prone to taking peeks into my shirt trying to find the darn stragglers and fish them out. If I'm lucky, a quick dip will find them on the first try. But not always. I'm always surprised I'm not bald, at the rate I shed.

Stranger yet, I have found Apollo's hair in there too. But fear not, I don't have any beastly fetishes. Many days, as soon as I step into my room, I shout "free, free at last!" (at least I do in my head), unsnap the bra, fish it out through the armholes of my shirt and toss it somewhere on the floor of my room. Which, more often than not, has hair aplenty. That's how, my friends, Apollo's hair gets into my bra. Really.


August 20, 2008

Photoshop experiment

Decided to do some practice with graphic arts. A lot of commercial ads and other artsy venues make use of this, so I figured it's a good skill to have. I still letting prefer plain ol' photos speak for itself though.


I followed a tutorial to make this. I'm not crazy about it. But part of it could be this candidate wasn't right for this kind of art. This took about 2 hours to make...I could've done it in a little less, but the directions were lousy.


August 19, 2008

Back in business!

JC of Texas sent me a copy of CS3. Hurrah!

Also, because I've been out of town on weekends so much in past few weeks, I haven't been able to jobhunt much. I will get back on track with that. I'm also considering adding Alaska (even though it's expensive) to the list of states to jobhunt in. I wouldn't mind living there temporarily, for a few months or a year. If the right opportunity came along, I won't pass it up...We'll see. I don't want to count chicks before they've hatched. Knock on wood, cross your fingers, send some "juju!"

No new pictures on my work computer. Here's a recycled one from about two years ago.


August 16, 2008

Blog layout

I'm getting close to the design I have in mind. Unfortunately, for me to do anymore work, it'll take a few days for me to figure out how to add design features that I want. My knowledge of html coding is very rusty. So, don't expect anymore major changes for awhile. The color scheme will remain as is - black, very pale gray (because stark white is hard on the eyes) with red accents.

Please let me know if you notice any problems or funkiness while using the page.
It's a beautiful day. I'm going ot take a break from the computer and go enjoy it.


August 14, 2008


Notice anything different?

This current color scheme will be changed to a less dark one. Maybe similar color scheme as the original blog. Definitely a different picture. Angels aren't my thing. I've subbed in a temp image for now. One main reason for the change - I was tired of the empty space in the old blog, and wanted to find a template that maximized the space. I also wanted to try find a design that was a bit more sleeker and modern. I couldn't find any templates that I was happy with, so I decided to go with a template whose layout was close to what I was looking for, and make tweaks to it.

8/15/08 Edited to add: The funky colors are because I'm trying to figure out what part of html code is for what feature. So I'm using colors to help with that.


August 13, 2008

A conversation with a friend...

Me: does [JC of Texas's wife] wear perfume?
JC of Texas: Sometimes, I think she normally uses more of a freshener-spray-type stuff.
She might have bottle of some perfume of some kind. Maybe two.
Do you?
Me: I have a crappy sense of smell so i can't tell what smells good on me

JC of Texas: Heh. Maybe you should wear some anyway.
Get someone else to tell you? Be a good way to get closer to a d00d.
"Hey, come help me test these perfumes."
Me: Doesn't sound like something a guy'd enjoy doing, like shopping with a chick
JC of Texas: It usually isn't, but I have to say, if a girl asked me to sniff her neck, I wouldn't say "no".
Well, I might. But then, I'm married.

Me: Remember, I'm not the most articulate person
'Smell me!" and looking coy is not in my repertoire.
JC of Texas: Hahah
Just look coy, then. Then present your neck.
Then you tap your neck. You're good at sign.
Surely you can come up with a non-verbal way of saying: "Sniff my neck, so I can lure you into my bed."

Me: That prob would make the guy ask, "is there something wrong with you?" and run away at full sprint
Picture a woman walking up to strange guys sticking her neck out...
A chick in bum shirt shambling along...
"Smeellllll meeeee"
JC of Texas: Hahaha
"It's a zombie! Ruun!"
Me: "Smeellllll meeee"
JC of Texas: screams of women and children
See, that could be funny, too.

Me: I'm going to steal this conversation for the blog


Jellyfish, crab and broken bottles, oh my!

Jellyfish of some kind. They didn't have any tentacles that we could see and were relatively safe to touch although unnerving to do so. For a brief moment - about 30 minutes or so - we couldn't go wading because they were so thick in the water, and it was freaky to feel them brushing up against you.
Some kind of crab?
One of the gals tried to pop the cap using a bottle opener that was built into the kitchen counter and broke the rim of her beer. Another gal said, "You must've done it wrong." She tried to open hers the same way and this was the result.

I admit I'm having a bit of a writer's block. I keep trying to think of something to write about that might be more interesting to other readers and blanking.


August 12, 2008

Bird shit again

This needs cropping.

The whole weekend, somehow, I managed to work the topic of "shit" into our conversations a number of times. I don't remember all of them, though. But one, I thought was kinda funny/gross. I was watching a few gulls and sandpipers squabbling over a pile of pretzels someone had dropped on the beach. I noticed a gull gagging a little. Then he puked. Then he shit. I shit you not. (Har har).

I think I hang out with guys too much.


August 11, 2008

Beach Rocks!

These pictures are fresh out of the box, so to speak. With little fixing, they'll be pretty good.

I have a few that are awesome just how they are, and until I figure out how to watermark them, they will not be posted (sorry, folks!).

Last night, I came home a bit late in the evening and found my blankets on the kitchen table and a note with them - apparently one of my roommate had a party (fine), and at some point, lost control of her guests - I don't know what happened, exactly - not paying attention, maybe - and they went into MY ROOM and took these blankets.

I'm pretty furious with her. I don't feel like I can trust her now. What if those guests took something home with them? Or did something in my room? Ugh! Now I'm all paranoid. I shouldn't be paranoid in my own home!

Not a great way to end my vacation, but up until that point, it was absolutely freakin' fantastic.


August 10, 2008

My vacation in a nutshell

Awesome, fantastic! I had a blast! I was sorry to leave. More later.


August 8, 2008

No posts for a few days

To tide you over...


August 6, 2008

Possible changes to blog

I've been pondering trying to make some extra cash on side. As opposed to actually getting a part-time job, which would be stressful for both myself and my golden boy, I've been thinking of alternatives.

One of the possibilities is to blog for moolah. This could happen on two fronts - one, here on our beloved Póg mo thóin! blog and second, by writing blog entries for other sites elsewhere.

In order for former to happen, I will attempt to expand on the limited range of topics that I post about on here, and install lovely, annoying ads for readers to click on. That earns a few cents a click. And the more readers I draw, the bigger potential there'll be more ads-clicks. Doesn't sound like much, but hey - if it pays for a night out on town, I'm all for it. I will investigate to figure out the best client for ads - hopefully I can find one that's not too annoying.

And the latter. Well, that's fairly obvious...research and write.

In short, expect some changes to this blog in the near future.

Also, I need to get off my rump, take more pictures and write more - and try to market them. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, and I think having a set goal to work toward will help fix that.

Photoshopping my pictures will be in a bit of a stall for the moment - my trial photoshop expired. I'm very sad. The counter kept saying 30 days, so I thought I got lucky and had a glitchy version, but abruptly dropped to 0 yesterday. I tried reinstalling, but I think I screwed it up. Or Adobe has blocks in place to prevent that. Either way...

JC of Texas, get off your ass and burn me a copy already! Please?
KR - I have your bridal shower pictures fixed up, but I didn't save them as JPG before the trial version expired. Whoops. You'll have to wait a little while longer for them. If you want, I can send JC's address to you and you can send little imps to annoy him until he burns a copy.

This weekend - Girls' Weekend Out! Three whole day at the beach! I can't wait! Sun, sand, ocean, magaritas and hawt fab girlfriends! Hopefully there'll be cute guys to ogle.


August 4, 2008



August 3, 2008

Water water everywhere

and...uh, plenty to drink.


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