August 6, 2008

Possible changes to blog

I've been pondering trying to make some extra cash on side. As opposed to actually getting a part-time job, which would be stressful for both myself and my golden boy, I've been thinking of alternatives.

One of the possibilities is to blog for moolah. This could happen on two fronts - one, here on our beloved Póg mo thóin! blog and second, by writing blog entries for other sites elsewhere.

In order for former to happen, I will attempt to expand on the limited range of topics that I post about on here, and install lovely, annoying ads for readers to click on. That earns a few cents a click. And the more readers I draw, the bigger potential there'll be more ads-clicks. Doesn't sound like much, but hey - if it pays for a night out on town, I'm all for it. I will investigate to figure out the best client for ads - hopefully I can find one that's not too annoying.

And the latter. Well, that's fairly obvious...research and write.

In short, expect some changes to this blog in the near future.

Also, I need to get off my rump, take more pictures and write more - and try to market them. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, and I think having a set goal to work toward will help fix that.

Photoshopping my pictures will be in a bit of a stall for the moment - my trial photoshop expired. I'm very sad. The counter kept saying 30 days, so I thought I got lucky and had a glitchy version, but abruptly dropped to 0 yesterday. I tried reinstalling, but I think I screwed it up. Or Adobe has blocks in place to prevent that. Either way...

JC of Texas, get off your ass and burn me a copy already! Please?
KR - I have your bridal shower pictures fixed up, but I didn't save them as JPG before the trial version expired. Whoops. You'll have to wait a little while longer for them. If you want, I can send JC's address to you and you can send little imps to annoy him until he burns a copy.

This weekend - Girls' Weekend Out! Three whole day at the beach! I can't wait! Sun, sand, ocean, magaritas and hawt fab girlfriends! Hopefully there'll be cute guys to ogle.

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