October 30, 2009

Friday Apollo

Where I live, in between Denver and the foothills, we got about 20 inches of snow over the past two days. This region was pretty much shut down, and so I had plenty of time to shoot Apollo.

I cropped in for some of these pictures so that it's easier to see Apollo.

Here he is searching for the "flinger" (a flexible square frisbee).

And again. To get anywhere, Apollo had to leap every stride. He looked like a rabbit and made me giggle endlessly.

Apollo, the crazy dog that he is, loves to take a break and just chill out - literally - in the snow. Which concerns me a bit because he doesn't have a lot of hair on his groin area...he's kinda naked there, except for hair on his coinpurse. Ahem. I worry about frostbite. Maybe I should get him a coat? He'd look damned silly, though...But humiliating him is so fun!

I showed the above picture to a friend of mine, and this is what he had to say:

"He's like: "Hey! Hey mom! Hey! I'm freezing! Haha! I'm freezing my nuts off! If I had nuts, anyway! Hahaha!"
I have weird friends.

Buahaha! This picture slays me!

Happy boy


October 29, 2009

Oedipus Complex

Sometimes random keywords will make my blog pop up on search results.

Someone in New York just googled: "Mom in underwear."

Dude (dudette?), time for therapy.


October 27, 2009

Business Cards

Love or hate? Let me know!

I'm not too crazy about the corner fades on side-two (the one with the viewfinder), but brainfarted on a better way to display my specialities. I did try the 2nd side without the corners, and it seemed very naked. Like something was missing.

I have another design that I'm not displaying here; I prefer slick-looking dark gray cards that coordinates with with the website design, but for the time being, I'm printing these at home using a special program. To conserve ink, I'm using white background instead.

If anyone has a link to a creative card design they absolutely love, please feel free to point it out.


October 23, 2009

Friday Apollo

Apollo still refuses to look at the scary black box, even if I try to lure him with a treat. He also turns his head, refusing to acknowledge the existence of annoying dogs or anything else he doesn't like.


October 19, 2009

Rolling meadow as far as the eye could see

as long as you didn't look to the right.

Signs of civilizations are everywhere, even in the back country. Foo. Urban sprawl in Denver is a major problem. It's gotten to the point where towns in the mountains are actually growing at a significant rate, which is a fairly new trend.

I'm caught in between a rock and a hard place. I want to live somewhere where civilization isn't so obvious, yet still be close enough that I can eke out a living. I'm already starting to debate on whether to stay a few months or move again when my lease's up. Anyone have a suggestion on a location? I'd like to stay in the west, near the mountains.

I'm off to stare at a map.


October 18, 2009

Elk Grass

I haven't a foggiest what kind of grass or grain or plant this is. I'll just call it Elk Grass because it's so pretty, colorful and lives in a park named Elk Meadow. Creative, aren't I?


October 17, 2009

Dried Wheatgrasssomething

At Elk Meadow Park


October 16, 2009

Friday Apollo

He looks like a bobble-head doll, doesn't he? He's got a fat head! Har har.


October 11, 2009

Lake view

Went to a lake for a brisk - very brisk, it was cold - walk.

View, with a few minor tweaks to polish up the image.

Same view, with a few values tweaked to make it look a washed-out twilight.

Black and white

Feels wintry, doesn't it?


October 10, 2009

Mother Nature Screws Denver Over

Yeesh. We got snow here today. Which fucked up my plans to hell. I had planned on going for a hike. Weather forecast was for clouds, highs in mid-50s. Guess what? Mother Nature decided to keep the weathermen on their toes and sat on the pot. Temps never rose above 30 today. And there's that fun snow. Which isn't all bad in itself - I certainly don't mind hiking in snow - but because this was a surprise change in weather, the city wasn't prepared. Lots of accidents on the roads. And back roads, especially in the mountains, wouldn't have been safe.

I have a theory that I brought New England weather with me when I moved here. After all, we had snow last April. And it was cold-ish until June. Last week we had fog a couple days. What the hell!? Fog in a region that's usually arid? Maybe it's global warming at work here...

Screw you, Mother Nature. I had a long boring day. Apollo keeps asking to go play, and after 15 minutes outside, he asks to come back inside. Yeah, it's that cold. The hairy dude that complains that it's hot at 70 degree is complaining that it's too cold at 20 degrees. But to be fair, we haven't had time to adjust to this. Still...Nature gets a big fat bird today.


Ready for winter

When I set out to create something - whether it's a photo or a piece of writing - sometimes it takes its own course instead of following the one I had intended. It's almost as if I've poured some of my own traits into the piece of work. Namely stubbornness.

Anyway, I had intended for this image to have a specific look.


But I wasn't able to create it, and so I pursued different looks. Ultimately, I came out with something I liked far better.


What do ya'all think? Like? Dislike?


October 7, 2009

Frickin' Adorableness

I swung by my sister's house over the weekend to see her kids. They were great, as usual. But the highlight of my visit was when a little lightbulb went off over my niece's head, and she started signing. Granted, they were made-up signs, but what impressed me was they weren't the usual overly exaggerated gestures that I see from other kids who want to mimic deaf people using sign language.

Rather, her gestures were small, controlled and if I didn't know sign language myself, I would've thought she really was signing. It looked damn real.

My niece is so frickin' charming I'm surprised she's not leaking rainbows out of her ears, nostrils and farting rose petals.


October 5, 2009

Wanted: Website Beta testers

I've been working hard in the past two weeks to make the new Web site, and while it still needs fine-tuning, I'd like for my readers to take a look and let me know what think.

Link: http://jenniferannphotographer.com/

I tried to get JenniferannPhotography.com, but the person who owns the domain has it locked in for the next two years. Boo. The current domain is a suitable alternative, though.

The site is flash-heavy, so your first time viewing the site will have a load time when you view various features on the page. I'm going to be talking to a Web-geek buddy soon to see what can be done to lighten it up. This was the only template I found that was completely coded, entirely free and looked slick. So I'm not changing it - for the time being.

Other issues that will be remedied in the coming days - there are a number of thumbnail images that need to swapped out. And the "About" section needs a bit fleshing out. I dislike writing about myself and pretty much brainfarted on that section. And a few sections need a bit fleshing out as well, but the meat and bones of the site is there. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I have received a few feedbacks from a few people who felt that the font was too small; however, different set of people said it was fine/readable. I'll be fiddling with that as well.

If anything breaks for you, please let me know. You can either post here or use the contact form on the site. Please let me know what you think and whether you notice any problems.

Also, if you check the contact form, there is a telephone number for people to use. If you have minutes left on your plan and don't mind making a quick call, give it a ring. I'm testing the new Google Voice service to see how well it works. Basically, what it does is it transcribes a VM message and sends the text version in an email to me. Pretty neat. It's not super accurate, but it'll work for now, until I can hire an assistant (someday!).


October 2, 2009

Friday Apollo

I discourage Apollo from barking, but he can't help himself when my parents are around. Or when there's big horses coming and he wants to alert the food lady.

I imagine that it doesn't help that sometimes I will cheerfully ask him, "Why are you barking!?" That eggs him on even more.


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