October 10, 2009

Mother Nature Screws Denver Over

Yeesh. We got snow here today. Which fucked up my plans to hell. I had planned on going for a hike. Weather forecast was for clouds, highs in mid-50s. Guess what? Mother Nature decided to keep the weathermen on their toes and sat on the pot. Temps never rose above 30 today. And there's that fun snow. Which isn't all bad in itself - I certainly don't mind hiking in snow - but because this was a surprise change in weather, the city wasn't prepared. Lots of accidents on the roads. And back roads, especially in the mountains, wouldn't have been safe.

I have a theory that I brought New England weather with me when I moved here. After all, we had snow last April. And it was cold-ish until June. Last week we had fog a couple days. What the hell!? Fog in a region that's usually arid? Maybe it's global warming at work here...

Screw you, Mother Nature. I had a long boring day. Apollo keeps asking to go play, and after 15 minutes outside, he asks to come back inside. Yeah, it's that cold. The hairy dude that complains that it's hot at 70 degree is complaining that it's too cold at 20 degrees. But to be fair, we haven't had time to adjust to this. Still...Nature gets a big fat bird today.

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