October 5, 2009

Wanted: Website Beta testers

I've been working hard in the past two weeks to make the new Web site, and while it still needs fine-tuning, I'd like for my readers to take a look and let me know what think.

Link: http://jenniferannphotographer.com/

I tried to get JenniferannPhotography.com, but the person who owns the domain has it locked in for the next two years. Boo. The current domain is a suitable alternative, though.

The site is flash-heavy, so your first time viewing the site will have a load time when you view various features on the page. I'm going to be talking to a Web-geek buddy soon to see what can be done to lighten it up. This was the only template I found that was completely coded, entirely free and looked slick. So I'm not changing it - for the time being.

Other issues that will be remedied in the coming days - there are a number of thumbnail images that need to swapped out. And the "About" section needs a bit fleshing out. I dislike writing about myself and pretty much brainfarted on that section. And a few sections need a bit fleshing out as well, but the meat and bones of the site is there. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I have received a few feedbacks from a few people who felt that the font was too small; however, different set of people said it was fine/readable. I'll be fiddling with that as well.

If anything breaks for you, please let me know. You can either post here or use the contact form on the site. Please let me know what you think and whether you notice any problems.

Also, if you check the contact form, there is a telephone number for people to use. If you have minutes left on your plan and don't mind making a quick call, give it a ring. I'm testing the new Google Voice service to see how well it works. Basically, what it does is it transcribes a VM message and sends the text version in an email to me. Pretty neat. It's not super accurate, but it'll work for now, until I can hire an assistant (someday!).

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