August 21, 2008


I am guilty of groping my boobs at work. No, guys, that's not as exciting as it sounds like. People tend to shed hair, and my strays seem to find their way under my shirts fairly often. On a busy day, I'm prone to taking peeks into my shirt trying to find the darn stragglers and fish them out. If I'm lucky, a quick dip will find them on the first try. But not always. I'm always surprised I'm not bald, at the rate I shed.

Stranger yet, I have found Apollo's hair in there too. But fear not, I don't have any beastly fetishes. Many days, as soon as I step into my room, I shout "free, free at last!" (at least I do in my head), unsnap the bra, fish it out through the armholes of my shirt and toss it somewhere on the floor of my room. Which, more often than not, has hair aplenty. That's how, my friends, Apollo's hair gets into my bra. Really.

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I'm Gabby August 21, 2008 at 3:30 PM  

Bra hair is no fun, no fun at all!!! I'm always afraid someone is going to come in my office as I'm peering down my shirt.

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