August 11, 2008

Beach Rocks!

These pictures are fresh out of the box, so to speak. With little fixing, they'll be pretty good.

I have a few that are awesome just how they are, and until I figure out how to watermark them, they will not be posted (sorry, folks!).

Last night, I came home a bit late in the evening and found my blankets on the kitchen table and a note with them - apparently one of my roommate had a party (fine), and at some point, lost control of her guests - I don't know what happened, exactly - not paying attention, maybe - and they went into MY ROOM and took these blankets.

I'm pretty furious with her. I don't feel like I can trust her now. What if those guests took something home with them? Or did something in my room? Ugh! Now I'm all paranoid. I shouldn't be paranoid in my own home!

Not a great way to end my vacation, but up until that point, it was absolutely freakin' fantastic.

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