August 13, 2008

A conversation with a friend...

Me: does [JC of Texas's wife] wear perfume?
JC of Texas: Sometimes, I think she normally uses more of a freshener-spray-type stuff.
She might have bottle of some perfume of some kind. Maybe two.
Do you?
Me: I have a crappy sense of smell so i can't tell what smells good on me

JC of Texas: Heh. Maybe you should wear some anyway.
Get someone else to tell you? Be a good way to get closer to a d00d.
"Hey, come help me test these perfumes."
Me: Doesn't sound like something a guy'd enjoy doing, like shopping with a chick
JC of Texas: It usually isn't, but I have to say, if a girl asked me to sniff her neck, I wouldn't say "no".
Well, I might. But then, I'm married.

Me: Remember, I'm not the most articulate person
'Smell me!" and looking coy is not in my repertoire.
JC of Texas: Hahah
Just look coy, then. Then present your neck.
Then you tap your neck. You're good at sign.
Surely you can come up with a non-verbal way of saying: "Sniff my neck, so I can lure you into my bed."

Me: That prob would make the guy ask, "is there something wrong with you?" and run away at full sprint
Picture a woman walking up to strange guys sticking her neck out...
A chick in bum shirt shambling along...
"Smeellllll meeeee"
JC of Texas: Hahaha
"It's a zombie! Ruun!"
Me: "Smeellllll meeee"
JC of Texas: screams of women and children
See, that could be funny, too.

Me: I'm going to steal this conversation for the blog

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