December 10, 2009

Apollo Drama! Part Four - Short, I promise.

Thursday. Finally.
After waiting not so patiently for the vet to call me this morning, she finally called with good news. Apollo could come home!

I picked him up this afternoon. He's pretty sore, but is considerably better than presurgery; he was all flirty and playful with the female techs. His to-be scar looks pretty nasty and Frankenstein-ish with the staples.

The vet I spoke to said it wasn't really 100% conclusive that he had a foreign body. It may be one of those things we never really know the cause of. Ah well. I've put a t-shirt on him to help keep his shaved belly warm.

I am supposed to make sure he does eat, and he has eaten a little bit for me. He's a picky bugger, though - wants the good stuff instead of rice. When I put out a bit food for him this afternoon, he picked out the burger and chicken and left the rest.

I'm one happy ducky right now. It's been so weird not having Apollo here.

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