December 10, 2009

Apollo Drama! Part Three

The surgery went smoothly; however, they didn't find anything. There was no foreign body, nothing suspicious other than the gas bubble and inflammation in sections of the colon. They kept Apollo overnight to monitor him.

One of the vets on the case (not Doc) on the case called me that morning and left a message; he had diarrhea overnight, which is good because it means everything's working again. They gave him anti-diarrhea medicine and were going to try feed some diet food. She told me that if he held his food down, that he could go home with me that night. I asked how he was acting, and she said he was alert and watching the ongoings in the lab, standing, walking, pottying.

But later that day, I got in touch with her, and it turns out Apollo still wasn't eating. She wanted to keep him overnight, and said we should still come in under the estimate (the surgery went really well). I said okay. We discussed some options regarding his not eating, and I suggested that I come in with some bland food that he might like. She thought it was a terrific idea.

That evening, after the visiting hours re-opened (they bar visitors from 5 til 7), I went to see him.

His scar is about 8 inches long. And his entire belly, halfway up his sides was shaved. They used staples to close the incision. It looked pretty angry pink-red. I'll take pics when he comes home to show off his macho new scar.

When it was just us in the visiting room, he was pretty quiet, just wanted to rest. Just lovin' my attention. But when the very pretty tech came in after an hour, he was all "I'm fine, let's play!" - he always puts on a good show with other people, especially the ladies. I told the tech that she shouldn't be fooled by his act. And made sure he was on pain management - tramadol? I don't remember how to spell it.

They let me stay an hour - normally visitors can only stay 15 minutes, but I think they gave me some leeway because they wanted to see if he'd eat for me. He, at the time, didn't want to eat much, but I got him to take a few bites of burger. I left the rice, burger and some of his kibble with them. She said they will continue try get him to eat overnight.

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