December 11, 2009

Inside Friday Apollo

Bear with me, I vaguely remember what the vet said about Apollo's innards.
These two are the first set of the X-rays we took on Monday.

The dark gray diagonal area near the upper-middle is the gas
Side view - it's on the left. The dark gray intersected by white on right is poop/gas.
Closeup. The gas part is the one that looks like a tubey hook. I am not sure what the white blobs to bottom and left is. Edited to add: someone thinks the bottom white is liver.
This is the second set we took, after we gave Apollo barium, to help track the progress. The barium is bright white (upper right corner). If you compare this to the first, you can see it has not progressed very far.
Third set of X-rays, taken Tuesday morning. Gas had not progressed very far since Monday late afternoon.
Bright white is barium. Gas is just ahead of it in left portion.
To the right, the squiggly area is his intestines.

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