April 4, 2009

Day 4 - finally.

Today, I think because I knew it was the last one, seemed especially long even though it was a shorter drive...a bit over 5 hours. Thinking that itd be an easy drive, I deliberately started late. Both apollo and I needed the break.
I took a little uner a couple hours to explore amarillo, texas. I found the cadillac ranch, a helium time capsule, the combine ranch (similar to cadillac one), and a giant pair of legs. I also looked for the cowboy tree but couldn't find it, sadly. Quirky town. While driving around, I also found "cowboy church and arena of life" - I don't know if it really was a church but its parking lot was full.
All that morning, a fierce wind was blowing. On my way out of town, we passed by some farms that hadn't been watered and the wind kicked up so much dirt that noone on the highway could see. It was so thick I couldn't see the cars in front. I managed to pull over in what proved to be a safe spot (noone hit us!) and tried waiting it out to no avail. Out of curiosity, I got out of the car and yeah it was bad enough I literally couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Just this swirling stinging brown.
I wish I could say that the wind died down, and we drove off. It never did. So I took a chance and started driving. After a couple dozen yards, it started to ease a tiny bit - enough I could see the guidelines on the road.
Never never do I want to experience that again. Id take the worst rainstorm over that. It was claustrophobic and for a deaf person, the idea of being blind is a scary one.
The drive up to pueblo was a pretty nice one, but I wasn't able to enjoy the scenery much. The fierce wind continued all day. It was strong enough to buffer my car while driving, to rock it while parked. And gave apollo and I difficulty when we walked. Insane.
And when we finally got close to denver...whiteout snow conditions. Can't win, haha. If I were superstitious, id be worried.
We're here. I have some pictures ill upload later. Apollo is relieved to be out of the car. I think he enjoyed it, but the marathon sessions were a bit much for an unseasoned traveler. He's a bit hyper now from lack of exercise and being in a new environment.
That was my day. Picures to follow in a day or so.

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Anonymous,  April 5, 2009 at 7:49 AM  

Sounds like it was quite a trip! So glad that you, Apollo and your car arrived in one piece...I look forward to checking out the pics.

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