April 3, 2009

Day 3

Im pooped. That was a nearly 12 hour stretch but we made good time. I anticipated it to be 14. Drove from a small town in arkansas acros oklahoma to northern texas. We covered over 600 miles today. Poor apollo, he was a champ. He got tired of lying down and rode standing up for most of the last 6 hours. He's currently conked out on the bed. I don't blame him...my flat, bony ass is tired too.
Ark. Was not what I expected...half farmland, half woods. Beautiful but reminded me of pa. Oklahoma, on the other hand, is a damn beautiful country. It wasn't flat at all, lots to see and enjoy. And texas definitely held its charm too. I found what looks like a mini grand canyon forming along the highway 40 (formerly the famous hwy 66). Give it a million years, it'll be just as majestic. Only in the last hour of drive did I get bored - then, it was reallly flat and full of farmlands.
Tomorrow, I have an easy drive, so apollo and I are going to see the sights here in amarillo, stretch our legs and then head up to denver.

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