December 27, 2008

I am not cut out for

this roommate thing.

Am I too anal? I just got home from my Christmas break, and discovered that our fridge is so full that I can't fit the food I just picked up for next week in it. And what food I did have left over from last week, someone moved. Someone TOUCHED MY FOOD.

I'm definitely not cut out for roommate situation. Gah. Just a few more months. I keep reminding myself I'm saving oodles of money by living here.


Ok I'm done.

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Anonymous,  December 28, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

I could NEVER handle that situation! Tell them to CLEAN OUT!!! UGH! Quick question - I see that you have an overstock/google ad on your you get compensated for that? How does it work?? Karen Sko

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