December 31, 2008

Ads in the blog

KSko was asking about the ads in my blog, why I have them and what they're for. I'm sure some of you have seen similar setup on other blogs and websites.

Basically, how they work is: Companies pay an ad company (like Google) to handle their ads. Google (or any other online ad venue) turns around and offers a very small payment in return for someone like me to host these ads. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads on my blog, I get a...I think, it's a penny. This is my "payment" for hosting these ads.

When I get a sum of a minimum $100, Google will paypal or mail a check to me. I have had the ads on my blog for 3 months so far, and have accrued a grand total of $1.27.

But I am conservative in how many ads I have on the blog. I don't like it when websites or blogs plaster ads all over the page - they can be annoying and disruptive. If my readership base grows, however, I might reconsider that. The blog currently averages about 10-12 daily readers, so I feel it's not really worth annoying what few readers I have with more ads.

Incidentally, if you ever see an offensive ad, please feel free to drop me a note, and I'll tweak the ad filters to block them.

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