September 20, 2008

The cowardly lion

Apollo is precious and holds a place in my heart. I love him, he's my big baby. But I can laugh at him. And do so often.

A couple nights ago, we went out for a walk. On our way back in, we passed the little garden in my front yard that's always humming with bumblebees - there's some plants in there that they love. When we got in the house, Apollo started to give me funny looks over his shoulder.

I noticed, but didn't think much of it. I thought he was just being silly, as he sometimes is. Then, in my bedroom, he stared at my pants intently. Definitely something up. I looked down, and saw a fat ol' bumblebee hanging onto my pants. It probably had been buzzing away all along. I looked back up to find a container to trap the bee in it, and where was Apollo?

Standing on my bed, as far away as he could get from me, with a look of horror on his face. (No, I'm not anthropomorphizing Apollo - he really did look scared.)

Snickering, I found a glass and trapped the bee in it - and checked to see if it was the stinging type - it wasn't. I tried to show it to Apollo, but he just ran to the other side of the room. My big ol' dog who sleeps through thunderstorms is scared of a fat bumblebee.

He's also afraid of cats. There're a couple outdoor cats who Apollo loves tug at the leash, bounce around and bark and bark with bravoism every time we spot them, but if they venture too close or hiss at him, where is he?

Behind me. Yep, he's my cowardly lion.

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