April 1, 2008

Gotta Love Brainfarts

I had an idea for a funny (ish? depending on your perspective) post, but with the hubbub at work, totally forgot it. Maybe it'll come back to me.

No new photos, unfortunately. I was experimenting with a technique that I read about online, but this happened:
1. I nicked my hand on a sheet of glass I took out of a picture frame. It bled for like, 2 seconds.
2. I almost set a shoebox on fire with a lamp.

I'll try describe the setup. The idea is to light up an item from underneath. Sounds simple, right? I read this article a few weeks ago, and the details were fuzzy last night. So I grabbed a shoebox, the aforementioned sheet of glass, a couple bendy lamps, one of which had 100-watt bulb (see where this is going yet?) and set to work on it.

I cut a big hole in the box's lid, then a little hole in the box's side so that one of the bendy lamps' (the one with 100-watt bulb) neck could fit in it, and carefully angled the head so it was facing upward, turned the lamp on which BRIGHTLY illuminated the bigger hole in the box.

All was well and I went about my business, looking for something to photograph, and hrmming about BRIGHT it was and debating whether I could photograph it. After a few minutes, I got my my camera ready and looked through the viewfinder. And saw distinct, thin tendrils of smoke drifting up. from the box.

Uh oh! No actual fire though. That terminated my experiment. I will try again after I reread the article and find appropriately-sized items...and perhaps a lower watt bulb.

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