October 30, 2007

Few more links...

For the photographers out there, I found a couple more photography-related blogs that I like; I'll add them to the blog links on the right.

Her photos are stunning. I'm going to have to spend some time figuring out how she got these shots. Photoshop or camera? Hmmm. And for some weird reason, I get kicks out of reading snippets of other people's lives.

While the web layout sucks, there are some good information and pictures here.

As for my pictures...I had planned on uploading the photos onto Flickr, but ran out of time this morning. I had a genius moment and decided to email it to myself and upload it at lunch. So, I stupidly zipped all of the photos from Saturday (including the party pictures) and tried emailing it to myself. I had to run to the metro and didn't see if it was successful. The file was about 9MB, and I think it didn't go through. Oops. I'll have it tonight though.

On a semi-related tangent, what do ya'all think of the new addition? The picture of Apollo (on the right) is a link, and will send you to my Flickr photos.

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