September 17, 2007

Goals for this fall...

I said last week I was thinking of starting an e-business. I've been reading some articles and columns about starting your own business, and I'm confident that I can do it. The hard part is, for me, figuring out what kind of business I can do. And making sure it's interesting enough for me to continue for several months or years.

I get bored easily, especially if it loses its challenge after awhile. It'd suck if I put money into this, then blew it off because I wasn't interested enough to keep going.

Ideas for an e-biz:
1. Rare used-book sales middleman (woman?).

  • Pros: Shouldn't be too difficult to set up, and wouldn't require me to have an theory.
  • Cons: I know very little about used books, don't have any contacts/networks in this area, which is important.

2. ????

I'm just full of ideas.

Also, I thought about trying to freelance again. I'll have to think hard on this, because the market for freelance writing is primarily nonfiction, which isn't in my area of interest. I'd much rather write fiction. Hmm. But extra money is good.

Another possibility I didn't consider last week is freelance editing. Now that I have some more experience under my belt, I could theorectically contract to do newsletters and other short-term jobs. This requires less time for research/interviews/whathaveyou that I'd have to do for writing nonfic, and it can pay fairly well. The hard part is breaking into the field. Most reputable companies don't advertise a need for contract editor.

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