September 18, 2007

Possible idea

I talked with a friend last night, and she suggested editing/tutoring for college students. I'll have to think on this. I know students are notoriously difficult to work with, and do I want to spend my free time dealing with them? And doing even more editing? The payoff, however, could potentially be pretty good. If I decide to go down this route, I'll probably wait until December/January to officially launch a website -- it's too late for me to start helping (read: billing) with term papers this semester. Besides, it'll take me at least that long to crank out a working website.

Other possible part time jobs...
Teaching sign language -- tends to pay well, but jobs are few and far in between.
Working at a nearby bookstore -- minimum wages in Va, it's about $5.15 to start. Yech.
Other ideas?

I'm doing fine, financially (just to reassure family or friends who read this) -- I'd just like a little extra money in my pocket. And think it'd be challenging/fun to start a business. For me, when things start feeling too safe/predictable/boring, I lose motivation. And that's not what life's about. It's important to me that I live my life to its fullest, so that I can, in 60 0r 70 years, say "I lived a good life. I played hard."

I don't understand how some people can play games or just sit at home every night and watch crappy shows. What will they say about their life when they're facing St. Peter at the Pearly Gates? "I sat there and did nothing."

And...D.C. is just fucking expensive.

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