September 12, 2007


I better watch out or I'll turn into my mom.

Things to do this fall:

  1. See PA friends at least 1x (miss you guys!)
  2. Shoot people
  3. Practice shooting tons. The new camera is wild.
  4. Take new shots of Apollo
  5. Write
  6. and actually finish them.
  7. Write some non-fiction to sell (freelance work)
  8. Start an e-Business. Maybe. At least research it.
  9. Go up the Old Rag trail again.
  10. Go hiking more in other regions (my new book of trails is awesome).
  11. Shoot while hiking.
  12. Read
  13. Read more.
  14. Shop. Everyone knows I hate shopping, but my clothes are so old...I'm still wearing some items from highschool.

What I noticed on my train car this morning:

  1. Two cute guys.
  2. Eight people sleeping (or trying to).
  3. One not-so-cute guy who apparently forgot deoderant. And rode holding the overhead rail.
  4. Three people reading sci-fi/fantasy books.
  5. "I hope they serve Beer in Hell" is an intriguing title to a book.
  6. A manly man reading what looked like a romance book. Hmm.
  7. About a dozen people reading the newspapers.

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