June 9, 2009

The weather is really cramping my style

The normal early-summer weather usually consists of sunny days and late afternoon thunderstorms. In the past couple weeks, these storms have been rolling in early, around noon. How's a girl going to get out after work and enjoy the bountiful mountains?

It's global warming, I tell ya...

The foothill park that Apollo and I go to after work is only 10 minutes away, very convenient. But a lot of people know about it, and by the time we get there, wildlife have been spooked. There's supposedly a mountain cat living there somewhere - which I doubt, there's not much ground cover.

Anyway, I'm running low on interesting pictures to post. Hey, there's a mountain! Hey, there's a bug! Hey, there's a bird! Hey, there's yet another biker!

Roughly 300 degree view of Denver from the peak of the foothill.

My goal this week, after I get the work Website up and running - it's proving to be far more problematic than I anticipated - I'm going to advertise in free Classifieds - free model in exchange for TFP - Trade For Prints. It'll give me more people pics for the photog portfolio, and hopefully they'll be interesting.

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