June 10, 2009

Breakthrough today!

Ever have days where you struggle and struggle on a task or a project with no progress, but a lightbulb goes off and you finally figure out the solution? That happened today. Ah, it's such a big load off my shoulders. I've been trying to set up a gallery to display my work for my Website and was having trouble getting it working.

The walls in the apartments here are thin, and in the past three or four days I've uttered a steady stream of a specific choice word at a low mutter. There's something satisfying about swearing, but I worry that the kids downstairs will hear me.

I'm definitely not cut out for coding. I still have nightmares, believe it or not, about my first quarter classes. We had to learn a wholly new language that was going to (sarcasm) "take the world by storm" (end sarcasm), and we were pretty much forbidden to learn anything useful like C++ or html coding for fear that it would confuse us. I spent 10-12 hours in the computer labs figuring it out and helping other classmates. Looking back on it now, I think the steady hum of computers I heard was actually a steady stream of mutterings by the other computer majors.

I will sleep well tonight. And buy a gun so that I can shoot anyone who asks me to code a Website for them.

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