June 12, 2009

Friday Apollo Says Aflaaaaac!

My mom sent a stuffed toy for Apollo to play with.
It has a little voice box that says "Aflac!" At first Apollo wouldn't play with it because it didn't squeak like his other stuffed toys. That didn't last long.
Here he is mocking me with the toy. Daring me to take it away. The very tippy tip of his tail was wagging ever so gently while he growled softly at me.
That poor ducky. For the next 30 minutes I let him play with it, all I heard was the croaking of Af-Af-Af-Aflac! while Apollo tossed the sucker around.
Think we could get him in an Anti-Aflac commercial?

P.S. Please ignore the mess in the background. Apollo has a sock fetish and we typically have one or two socks laying around in the living room.

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