April 15, 2009

Meeting the neighbors

I'm slowly starting to meet my neighbors. A pair, across the hall, plays music constantly and seem like fun guys to hang out with. What really takes the cake, though, is the guy upstairs above me.

I'd seen him a couple times since I moved in, but didn't introduce myself until today. Let me just preface this by saying, this is one interesting man.

I ran outside to grab a desk that someone was tossing out, and a man in army uniform stops me. I didn't recognize him at first because I hadn't seen him in uniform before. He smiles, asks me if that *points* is my car, did I just move here. And I answer affirmative and introduce myself.

"I'm James..." and then he started chattering at me at 90 mph. About then, I notice his gorgeous hazel-green eyes. That was distracting too. I had to stop him and ask him to slow down a bit, explaining, "I'm deaf."

Next thing I catch, he's offering to pray for me. I'm not into that, but I'm not about to tell someone about my religious beliefs (or lack of), and tell him that's okay, that I appreciate it. "Now," he adds.


"Yes." And still talking very fast, I manage to figure figure out that he wants me to hold his hands out, and curious, I do so. First he put his hands a couple inches above mine, and starts murmuring - praying - then he reaches out with his hands near my ears. Then (I swear, I'm not making this up) he walks around me, still praying.

When he finishes, he asks, "Can you hear any better?"


"Well, give it 24 hours. You'll be able to hear better by tomorrow."

"OK, I'll let you know."

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