April 10, 2009

Found a place!

Originally planned on Colorado Springs, but my sister convinced me to look at Denver. I told her it must be close and easy to get to the mountains. So we looked around, and found an apartment in outskirts of Golden. Verrry cute town. And right near the highway that you'd take to get to skiing. And near tons of parks in the foothills where we can get used to hiking up here.

The apartment manager screwed up twice, so they're out. First they told me a certain apartment was available - turns out it wasn't. Then an alternative option that was due to be available April 15th...Oops, it's actually May 15. Hell if I'm waiting a month. Hell if I'm putting up with that shit.

So I looked around a bit more today after work, and settled on an apartment that's right on border of Golden and Lakewood. And right near an outlet mall. Ohhh boy I'm in trouble. I've already been approved and will sign the lease tomorrow. The application process out here is very fast and easy compared to my previous experience in VA and PA.

Hopefully can get Internet up and running asap. Then I will inundate ya'all with pictures.

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