April 1, 2009

Day 1

I had a late start because I had to see an audiologist and he could only see me at 1 pm. So I got on road roughly about two and managed to get to my hotel by 9:30. We covered almost 500 miles today. Not too shabby but it doesn't hold a candle to the marathon road trips my family took from PA to I'LL when I was a youngster. About 14 hours.

Apollo was for the first half great! He slept most of it, which was perfect because for most of PA and MD, it was foggy, drizzly and very hilly. Factor in an oodles of semi trucks and having no distractions was good.

Around 5 or so, he "woke up" - about the time I usually get home from work - and started asking for potty breaks and literally panted down my neck while I ignored him.

I had moments where I was a little bored, but honestly they were far and few in between. I was mostly focused on driving, and when I could relax, I thought about random things like...

Is there a story behind "cheat lake" and "fairchance road"? (seen on one big green sign in a town somewhere in md or w.va.) is it a gambling thing? Or an affair?

And I also wondered what would posess a big-box store, namely home depot, to build a store in a tiny one-street town. How can that be profitable?

Finally got to the motel here and I have to admit, im very surprised by the quality. My ceiling is, I think, 14 or 16 feet overhead. The bed was actually turned down and has a pretty cover. Definitely not what I remember from few years ago. And definitely not what I expected for a motel on the outskirts of a tiny little town in kentucky.

One last thought...wow, so many stars! Light pollution here isn't bad. It was dark when I arrived so I can't say what I think of KY just yet. More on that tomorrow.

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