March 25, 2009

Arlington Cemetery Redux

Sometimes when you take a photo, it's a perfectly good image, but it's lacking some oomph. Joie de vivre. Pizazz. That's where photoshop comes in handy.

A dreamy kind of look.
Vintage black and white
Harsh "high-pass"
Vintage sepia

All of these are interesting for different reasons. Everyone will have different preference for different styles. So, at this point, the hard decision of choosing one photo boils down to this: What message are you trying to convey? Or emotion you want to evoke? A dreamy, tranquil one? A time-encompassing one? Harshness of war/death/whatever? Solemnity?

If I had to produce a photo for a commercial purpose, my choice would be a lot easier, depending on the product or service we're selling. But for personal sales...I probably would choose the black and white one, because it's a type of image that would work on most people's walls.

What do ya'all think?

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