January 27, 2009

Possible new layout

I'm not really happy with this one, and probably will look for a different template to use. Edited to add: The blog template I tried last night is now gone. Scroll down to see the screenshots.

Problems are many, as you can see. If photos aren't 400 pixels wide - like the vertical ones in the posts below - then the text of the post gets all screwy and it also somehow screws up the subsequent posts. I don't like that and I have no clue how to fix that.

Unless the creator of the template fixes them...I'm moving on.

I was searching for a different template that let me display my pictures a bit more creatively. I liked the polaroid in the header, it's cute. And for a personal blog, it's ok to be a little cutsey. That's the only reason I went with this one.

For posterity, I made a screenshot of this, so after I change the template yet again, this post still makes a bit sense.

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