December 17, 2008

Uck! Uck!

Coming home on train today, it was a little crowded - but not packed-like-sardines crowded - and I had to stand. No big deal. Bored, I looked around at the people on train, and noticed one guy sitting in one of the rows picking his nose.

No, it wasn't a shallow little scrape. The fine, upstanding gentleman was digging away with his finger up his nose, up to the first knuckle. I watched in horror as the side of his nose stretched and bulged; it reminded me of the scene from Total Recall where Arnie had to pull out a tracking device through his nose.

Then he pulled his finger out. "Good," I thought. A moment too soon. He examined his bounty, then reached out and wiped his finger clean on a woman's bulky jacket collar in front of him.

Say it with me. Uck! Uck!

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