December 6, 2008

A baby step

I offered to photograph an event or two for a golden-retriever rescue, Grreat, free -- to expand on my portfolio and experience, and went to an adoption event today. Digressing here, I do plan to contact other more "human-oriented" orgs. I only just heard back from Habitat for Humanity a couple days ago.

I did snap a few people pictures but legally can't post them online because I didn't get their permissions, but can use them in an informal setting, such as portfolio.

Here're a couple pictures from today.

Buddy (I think), an 8 year old youngster. He did show his age, but was pretty playful despite it. I wanted to steal him.
This darling, I didn't get the name of. He's 7 or 8 months old mixed golden. Very playful. A lot of people were interested in him.

This old bird, I think, isn't available for adoption. I had a hard time understanding her foodman. I could feel several tumors on her and looked like she wasn't in great health. She was in good spirits though and kept flopping over for bellyrubs.

This guy is either just adopted or just got into the rescue - again, my lipreading skills failed me. He was so so timid and would not approach anyone on his own. Very atypical golden. After some patience, he finally gave my hand some headbutting for some pets. He's about 10 months, and reminds me so much of Apollo at that age - all legs, weird coat, and just plain awkward-looking.

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