November 10, 2008

Pet meee

Taken with my cellphone
I'm sneaking on at work. I still don't have internet. I strongly suspect it's the router - my computer connects to the router fine and is able to detect other wireless signals in the area, but ours won't connect to the internet at all. To make matter worse, the internet account is in my roommate's name - and he is out of town for awhile.

I'm going to order a new keyboard for my laptop, pray that I can install it and that it works, and then I'll see if I can get it working at an internet hotspot. (I spilled some liquid on the laptop's keyboard a few years ago and fried it). It'd be nice to have some minimal Web surfing capacity to check emails in evenings, at very least.

Not much else is new. I'm going to be setting up a new mini-studio this week. Planning to try sell some photos on iStock (what is it with the i-something craze??).

Hmm. What else. I recently made a major decision about my future, but will hold off blogging about it until I'm a bit closer to the deadline - around April. Tease!

Stay warm!

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