October 3, 2008

How long it took for Palin to say

"Say it ain't so, Joe!" in last night's debate: An hour 15 minutes.

Also uttered:
By golly!
You betcha!
Gee whillikers!
Gosh heck yeah!
Doggone it!
Darn tootin'

What I'm really curious about is if she really talks like a redneck, or if she's doing this to appeal to the working class? I don't recall her being this expressive in her interview with ABC's Charlie. I'm happy she didn't try the "I have foreign experience because I can see Russia from Alaska soil!" line again.

I don't think either candidate did exceptionally well - and it certainly bothered me when, at the beginning, Palin said she wasn't going to stick to the questions if it didn't suit her (I'm paraphrasing). That struck me as arrogant.

Biden did okay, but he was longwinded sometimes, and his thoughts were disjointed at times. I had a hard time following him sometimes. But I think that's a case of where his thoughts were going faster than his mouth could keep up - I've had this happen to me. But on the plus side, he definitely knew his stuff. He's been in the business a long long time.

Both ran off tangent a couple times, but I think it's fair to say Palin did it more often because she didn't want to answer the moderator's questions. We'll see if that technique was effective or not in the coming weeks.

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