September 29, 2008

Revenge is mine!

About two or three times a year, a particular coworker comes into work with a cold that morphs into a lingering cough that often lasts two or three weeks. She sits in the cubicle on the other side of my half-wall.

All day long, I hear: HACK HACK HACK COUGH HACK.
For two or three weeks!
And she always refuses to take medicine to suppress the coughs. Despite our not-so-subtle hints to do so.

Finally, I have a similar type of cold that is morphing into a cough. Her turn to suffer! Well, it probably won't be as bad. For one, my colds/coughs rarely last more than a few days. And two, I am actually medicating - or more accurately, suppressing the symptoms. Despite that, I still have an occasional coughing fit. After the first fit this morning, the coworker's head popped up over the wall and she asked, "Gosh, are you sick??"

Cough..."You think?"

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