September 9, 2008


Some of you readers know I work for a publication that follows politics closely. This year, it's a boon because I get to hear or read about all the juicy details. Most of the folks at the office are leaning toward Obama, but that's not a huge surprise considering that DC is heavily democratic.

Because we're just getting into the meat the campaign, there are still a lot of questions about what the candidates are all about, and who's the best man. I haven't officially decided, but I can say that I'm leaning left right now -- primarily because I don't support McCain/Plain's energy platforms.

When in doubt, run the other way.

I probably will post now and then about the politics, but I won't force-feed my views. I do however believe in encouraging people to discuss the candidates and to look at not only the candidates' background (ie, McCain's POW experiences), but primarily at their platforms. Why? Look at it this way. What if it were a Gulf War vet...whose job was rebuilding towns in Middle East? Is he any less qualified because he wasn't captured by enemies? Or someone who wanted to serve - but couldn't for health reasons? They're not a great examples, but I think it helps convey my point, which is that having a triumphantly sad story shouldn't be the sole deciding factor in picking your man.

OK, I'm going to hop off the soapbox. Here's a link that's slightly slanted in Obama's favor (I only say that because many of the front page criticisms are about the GOP party currently), but is very informative:

It analyzes statements made in speeches and commercials and explains why they're right on, a stretch of truth or outright false.

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