June 10, 2008


It's been awhile since I posted. Here's what's up...
Got the new computer. It's actually a refurb - was much cheaper that way. It's lightning fast. I don't know how I lived on my old laptop for so long (a bit over 4 years - well over the average PC lifespan). I'll be thrilled when I officially make the switch. I need to find a good, free antivirus program. I know there are a couple out there, but I can't remember the names. Also need that CS3. Hint, hint, JC of Texas.
Found a house to rent, with 2 roommates. I just signed the lease last Saturday. So I'm busy puttering around, trying to pack and coordinate the move. I just packed most of my camera gear, including the camera. So no new pictures until after Saturday, at least. One of the roommates has a young dog as well, who is such a funny little guy.

I went by to visit them over the weekend. He's very puppyish. And cannot catch balls to save his life. We tossed very easy lobs at him, and he'd just watch the ball float down to him...until it bonked him in his head. Cracked us up every time.
And I had a wacky monday. Yesterday I woke up around 6:30, went into bathroom to do my business, took Apollo out to do his business, came back in, and stopped in the bathroom to put makeup on -- and stepped into water. I initially thought I had left water running and it somehow had overflowed in that 15 minutes, but when I saw water GUSHING through the ceiling light fixture...Freakout time.

Marched down to find the maintenance guy and threatened his life when he wanted to wait "a couple hours" to check it. "There is a swimming pool in my bathroom!" Turns out the upstair bathroom (or shower?) had pipe issues. I now have a gorgeous hole that has been patched up with duct tape in my bathroom ceiling.

Work was pretty uneventful, then I left a little early to try get my car to the mechanic before it closed. Hopped on the metro train, and it stopped in middle of a tunnel. And we waited for about 30 minutes, then found out the train ahead of us had DERAILED! Practically everyone's eyes bugged out at that news - and so did mine when I found out from one of the passengers. Noone was hurt, fortunately.

They were able to reroute us around it. I didn't make it to the shop before the closed, sadly.

That just about sums the past few days up.

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