June 20, 2008

Hello from DC!

My neice and nephew and their parents, of course came to visit me in DC. I spent all day yesterday with them in the museum, and they are just adorable. And funny. And much more fun to be with now they're older. I don't have the parents' permission to post their pictures (it's indeed illegal to post portraity pictures of people without their permission). We hit Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the merry go 'round on the Mall.

So. Here are some other interesting shots.
Garnet in granite slab

If I remember right, it's molten iron mixed with molten rock of some sort. The red bands is iron - rusted.
Ceiling detail
Self portrait. Love this one - I look skinny as rail, don't I?

Soldiers have a sense of humor.
On the merry-go-round.
Outside Air and Space museum
Polished rail.
Part of an airplane engine.

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