May 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Took Apollo on a nice, leisurely walk over to a nearby cemetery that I'd been meaning to check out for some time now. It was a little warmer than yesterday (Saturday), but not terribly hot. I could tell Apollo hasn't adjusted to it yet - after awhile, he started to do his old "walk as fast as I can to the next shade" routine. Nevermind that walking faster probably takes more of a toll on him.

On our way there...
Wish I framed this better. I'll go back later.
There're a bunch of little Asian shops (I won't hazard a guess at which country, specifically) near my apartment.

At graveyard. This particular one has been around since 1779, or so the sign said.

An old carekeeper's shack
I was fiddling with the focal's called hyperfocusing, I think. The goal is to get everything in frame in-focus.
Same set of marker stones, different angle.
Huge old tree, all chopped up. It was at least 5 or 6 feet across in diameter.
Old gravestone. It's hard to make out, but this guy was born in 1878, and died 1890.
Overexposed shot, but I like it.

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