May 29, 2008

Doggy Landscape

There's this photography style where the goal is to take closeups of humans (or in this case, canine) and try make it look like a landscape. I didn't use any special lighting setup or strobes. Just a trial run. I don't think I quite accomplished it, but these still looked cool.

Um. Human.
This one is pretty darn close, no?

In other news...
1. Yesterday, I ran 9 minutes (or 10, if you count the potty breaks Apollo took), roughly 1 mile. That's quite an accomplishment considering that, back in January, I could barely run 1 or 2 minutes without needing to stop. Huzzah! I secretly daydream about being able to run 10 miles like I did in my highschool days, but I'm not in any hurry to do that. Any progress is good in my book.

2. I decided to help the economy and splurged on a new computer system. Hopefully in few weeks, we'll see better photos -- I'm getting CS3 as well, thanks to a generous friend.

3. Uh...I got sunburned over the weekend. I'm really itchy now.

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