January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

May you have all the luck in the world!

This is a sort of an Irish blessing. It specifically doesn't say good/bad luck, just "luck." You can't have good without the bad.

Things I have learned this weekend:

  • I make a bad fake-gambler
  • It is possible to get $11,000 in debt playing Vegas solitaire. I think it's rigged.

  • Apollo likes to sleep behind the vertical blinds

  • It is possible to get sick of pizza (which works in my favor - see below).

  • When Apollo gets new balls, he goes bonkers and consequently drives me nuts because he keeps losing the balls.
  • Being a neutered male, I shouldn't be surprised that he's obsessed about his balls

  • It is possible for me to get bored enough to start making lists.
And on that note, here's a boiled down list of my resolutions - some of these are carryovers from last year:
  1. Improve photography skills
  2. Take a couple editing classes
  3. Start looking for a new job, both locally and later in the year, out West
  4. Find a couple more climbing partners in addition to the one I already climb with
  5. Climb a 5.10 route
  6. Stop dressing like I'm still in college
  7. And a classic: Get fit. Sub-goal - to run 5 miles without stopping.
  8. Eat healthier/stop relying on pre-processed food for meals
  9. Take a real vacation out of town somewhere that I actually have to pay for myself instead of being cheap and staying at home.
  10. Be happy and be strong enough to change things if I'm not happy with something
Ok, the last one isn't a really resolution, but I put it on there anyway.

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