January 31, 2008

A Case of "Wants"

Lately, it seems like I keep wanting this or that item. I think it's because I'm finally at point in my life where I feel somewhat stable, financially. I'm not well-off, by any means, but compared to my previous job, where I had only one hundred dollars, on average, to spend after paying rent and bills each month...it usually went to food for me and Apollo. Well, the realization that I can afford some small luxuries is starting to sink in. And I have a major case of "I want!" right now.

God. I feel like I'm five right now.

I keep reminding myself things could be a lot worse right now.

Even though I have quite a bit laundry list of things I'd like, I'm still being careful. I'm also trying to save for a house/business/something major. I'm sitting tight, though, and waiting until I find a cheaper place and hopefully will have a decent tax refund. It'd be nice to have a new computer so I can clean up my photos and do cool stuff like make real B&W photos. And who knows - it could lead to a new career. Yeah, that's a good investment. Rationalizing is fun.

Speaking of. A few new photos. Can you guess the theme?

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nejyerf February 27, 2008 at 5:40 PM  

do you sell prints of your pictures? if so, i would like to buy the one with the yellow ball in the orange martini glass.


let me know.

you can email me at nejyerf@hotmail.com

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