December 21, 2007

A Shot in the Dark

I want to try something for photography. But I need to figure out the answers to these questions first:

1. Will a BB gun shooting beebees break wineglasses?
2. Will my neighbors hear the BB gun firing?
3. Will they call the cops?
4. Will I get in trouble for shooting a BB gun in an apartment complex and need bail money?

Maybe I better think of another way to break the wineglasses.

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Anonymous,  December 21, 2007 at 7:51 PM  

1. Yes, most BB guns shooting BB's (not beebees) will break wine glasses.
2. No, most BB guns are quiet enough that neighbors would not hear.
3. Probably not call the cops as they won't hear the BB gun (see answer to 2nd question).
4. If no one will hear and no one will call the cops, why would you get in trouble? Feeling guilty? Hising something?

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