April 9, 2010

Taking a break from cleaning

I'm moving to Seattle metro area.

I prefer to be closer to Seattle proper, but I had a tough time finding an apartment that allowed "large dogs." The definition of a large dog? A dog 25 lbs and up. Cue massive eyerolling. I'm sure I would've found something eventually if I had more time and was already up there. But I'm not...this apartment complex, one of the few that allows large dogs, will do in the interim.

My current apartment complex has a very long checkout list, and I am determined to do as much as I can because they overcharge for cleaning or replacement. Here's an example: One of my electric burner's drip pan and ring was really dirty and I couldn't get it perfectly clean. The replacement for that would've cost me $18 for the ring, $16 for the drip pan. Total: $34. I went out and found the exact same kind for my specific stove. It cost me $7 total for both. Talk about ripoff... I know I'll lose some of the deposit because the carpet is filthy. But I'm hoping to get at least some of it back.

Last year, I moved across the country with only what fit in the trunk of my car. My folks kindly helped out by shipping a few straggling boxes that I couldn't fit in the car. This year, armed with a Jeep, I'm renting a small trailer, which I highly doubt I'll even halfway fill. But this time I actually have a few pieces of furniture. Woo.

Keep an eye out for photos next week! I anticipate it'll take me about 3 1/2 days to get there even though we could do it in two. Between the trailer vs the mountains and Apollo's frequent "Gotta pee" breaks, we'll be going fairly slow.

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