April 22, 2010

In Seattle

I made it to Seattle just fine, aside from white-knuckle driving conditions the first two days of my trip. High winds + towing a trailer = nervous driver. We had gusts up to 40-50mph, and consequently, I couldn't go over 55 most of the drive, until I hit midstate Idaho, where calmer weather prevailed.

I haven't seen much of Seattle region yet. Today is really the first day I've had nothing to do. Almost every day in the past week since I've arrived, I had maintenance coming in to fix random things around the apartment (I'm sure they're really loving me right now), and I felt like I had to stick around because otherwise Apollo would make a nuisance out of himself trying to get them to play with him. On the upside, I have a brand new dishwasher and stove now. And my tub no longer floods every time I shower. And the toilet doesn't take 5 minutes to flush.

My apartment is...fine. It was a bit of an adjustment, actually - my initial impression was, "it's so small!" (that's what she said!). My place in Denver was a 1200 sq ft, 2 br unit. This is about 600. But amazingly enough, my stuff doesn't even come close to filling it. So. No big, right? I'm just used to gadding around in more space, I guess. Spoiled chit. I decided that this year, I would make a better effort at making it homier, and have plans for decorating it. I want to feel a little more grown up, I suppose.

The apartment overlooks a very small park, in which Apollo and I have been enjoying. It's very convenient to have a place for him to go run right out my door. But I have to say, I hate walking on the grass. It feels like it's just floating, as if, any second the grass will give way to this watery cesspool of mud that will trap my feet. I have a thing about getting dirty/muddy, so that's not a pleasant sensation for me.

I'm also adjusting to the rain. In Denver, and even back east, in D.C., PA and NY, if it rained, Apollo and I would make up for the lack of exercise the following day. Here, rain daily. Can't just wait for a nice day; if we do, Apollo and I will go batshit crazy from lack of exercise. It also feels damp allll the time indoors. A dehumidifier is high on my list for fall, but for now, I'm told it will stop raining so much in a couple weeks. I keep complaining to my poor friends that I feel hot from the humidity, even though it hasn't topped 65 since my arrival.

My internet should be up and running tomorrow, I hope. Comcast tech is supposed to come set me up. In the meantime, I've been using my nifty little android phone, which will be returned later today, for internet on my little netbook. It's a very slick phone, I'm impressed by it. But right now, I don't really have much use for it.

The only other piece of news is: I've decided to take a break from blogging here. I might return to it eventually, but I feel it will be a permanent break. I will however pick up the Thirty Days blog again, probably restarting in May or June, so keep an eye out for pictures of Apollo over there.

The End.

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