December 21, 2009

Assignment Monday

What's up with this? Well, because I work out of home, I don't get out much other than to run errands or for an occasional gig. This translates into a boring Jenny who has little to talk about other than inane personal stuff that few people really want to read about other than mommy (Hi, mom!). While I make an exception now and then - case in point: Apollo's recent surgical drama - that isn't something I typically want to share on World Wide Web for all the world to see.

The very first Assignment Monday is a bit of a cop out. I had planned to take a certain photo in a certain setting, and I was excited about it. And even put some thought into how to stage it. And what happened? I forgot the damned camera.


So, I prowled my sparsely furnished apartment for something semi interesting.

Infrared Ice in Water Glass

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