November 13, 2009

Friday Apollo

No Friday the 13th Apollo. I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th until today.

Yes, Apollo is sporting his beloved "flinger" (flexible frisbee) on his head. Why? Just 'cause.

Apollo isn't too crazy about puppies/young dogs because they like to nip at him. I don't know why...they just all seem to like grabbing at his coat and if they can reach, at his scruff or jowls. One of my old roommate's young dog did this ALL the time, and that made Apollo pretty cranky. Based on that exp, I kinda figured we wouldn't be able to have a puppy, when the time comes for us to start looking for a new member - which is totally fine.

A couple days ago, Apollo and I went to a nearby field so he could stretch out his legs, and some guy was there with a cute little golden puppy playing fetch. I was impressed, the pup was 10, maybe 12 weeks old, and the guy is already working on teaching him manners - making him sit and wait for a release before he goes chasing after toys.

We go up to say hi, and of course, this little puppy goes nuts bouncing all over and trying to grab at Apollo's coat. Apollo tenses up and waits for the torture to be over. The guy calls the puppy back, and Apollo relaxes and actually initiates play with the pup after a few minutes.

After a bit, Apollo gets tired - poor old guy - and he lays down. The puppy fetches for a bit, then comes bounding over, and I could see Apollo tense up again. Then the puppy flops over in between Apollo's front legs and just lays there. Awwwwwww. *dies of cuteness* Apollo just looked at me like, "WTF, foodlady?" But after a few minutes, he relaxed too and gave the puppy a few licks. Awwwww!

It makes me happy to know that, with a bit of an adjustment period, Apollo would be okay with a puppy/young dog. I prefer to adopt an older dog, but never know who'll fall into my--err--our laps!

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