August 14, 2009

Friday Apollo and a rant and rave

Monday through Friday, every day around 3:30, give or take, Apollo nudges my elbow and stares at me intently. If I give him any hint of attention, he dashes off to get the "flinger," which got its name when I was trying to teach Apollo the names of his toys and needed an alternative to frisbee, and brings it to the front door.

Off we go to a nearby field to play for about 15 minutes. Any longer, it's too hot for him. We usually return around 8 or so when it's darker and usually cooler. Most days, it's just him and me. It always surprises me. There's a perfectly nice field not a block away from this apt complex (it's just a few feet away for some apt buildings in this complex) that a local company that owns the property is nice enough to keep mowed for the locals to use. Why don't more people use it? It baffles me.


Rant: I am so annoyed that Eagles signed Michael Vicks. Granted, I wasn't a huge fan of the team to begin with, but I definitely won't be rooting for them anymore. Why couldn't the NFL have had an unofficial boycott? Why couldn't some other team sign him? Let him go to the Cowboys or better yet, the Lions, the worst team in NFL.

Rave: My brother sent me a couple books for my birthday. I absolutely loved one of them: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Not only is this one of the best books I've read in years, it's extremely well written and complex without being overwhelming. It's smart. Crisp writing. And the way Steig Larrson put the story together is just wonderful. This book was translated from Swedish, so some sentences are a bit awkward and stilted, but after a couple chapters, you get used to it.

I just did some poking around online, and it appears that Steig Larrson died a few years ago, and his three books are being published posthumously.

Read this book and while you're at it, snag: The Girl Who Played with Fire, just released last month. The third should be out later this year.

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