August 10, 2009

By land, sea or air

I've come to the conclusions that I will love living out in the country, by sea or in the mountains (air). Suburban and urban life isn't for me.

On Saturday, I went out to a friend's ranch and while I'm not cut out to be a farm girl - I held eggs that just shot out of a chicken's poop cute! Eeww - I did enjoy the experience immensely. It's quiet. Serene. The closest neighbor, at my friend's ranch, was about half a mile away. Relaxing.

True, there are downsides to having some land. Like figuring out how to maintain it. But not having neighbors right in my face seems like heaven. I've lived in apartments for just over 10 years, counting dorms in college, and I'm pretty tired of it. I can't imagine living in one for another fifty years. I know a couple people who have.

I'm not going to rush out and buy a property right now. Need money, for one, but it's a goal to keep in back of my mind. If I can make a decent living doing work online, certainly attainable.

And for your amusement: dancing dude
Warning - may need bleach for your eyes after viewing.

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