June 22, 2009

Dirt - Just a picture or a metaphor?

You tell me.

Apollo and I went back to that trail for the third time (first time, we couldn't find it at all. Second...see Hail, Rain and Lightning) and actually completed it. I can check it off in my book of Colorado's dog-friendly trails. It wasn't particularly scenic, and we got there a bit too late to see the wildlife - around 10 AM. By then, I think, other hikers had scared them off already. In short, no pictures.

Apollo was a real trooper. He half-dragged me up some slopes when the asthma was kicking my ass. I think he enjoyed it in general - especially wading in the creeks to cool off. The trail we went on is rated as difficult (though I'm sure seasoned hikers wouldn't think it was difficult), and average trek time is 4 hours. We did it in about 3 or 3 1/2 hours. The highest point we got to was 9k ft. We started at around 7600 ft.
And for the record, everyone is nude under their clothes.

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