May 6, 2009

Worth a million words

I've shot a few thousand pictures in the past year. Know what I said to myself yesterday?

"I don't have enough pictures!"

The absurdity of that statement made me laugh at myself. Despite the number of photos eating up memory on my hard drive, I'm extremely picky and most are just "satisfactory" and not worth using professionally. I do have a few excellent pictures squirreled away though, thinking they'd be good addition to the portfolio for my future photog Web site.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I decided that copy writing would hopefully be a more successful venture and that I would focus on it first, before photography. This month, I'm working on putting together a portfolio displaying sample works for copy writing and to make it easier on myself, I'm using my own images as part of the ad campaigns. I'm a terrible graphic designer, so doing abstract art for ads, logos, etc, is out of the question. It'd take me too long. When I have a few samples I'm satisfied with, I'll set up a Web site. I'll feel a lot better having a nice online setup that I can refer future clients to.

I'm really liking this working for myself gig. It's scary not having the job security, but I was never cut out for the 9-to-5. It's a pity I didn't realize this sooner. I'm happy that I took this risk despite the economy and that I went for it before turning 25 (again) instead of waiting for a better opportunity to fall into my lap. Life's too short to waste it in a cubicle farm.

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